The world leader in impact protection

About us

Pillars of Proteckthor


Forced to teach the serious consequences of not protecting our skull against blows in sports.


Our products are based on scientific testing and miles of demonstrations with great results.


We work with a multitude of collaborators to involve the most vulnerable sectors.


A product tested for the maximum confidence of our customers now and in the future.


Our patent process

The history of our company


Carlos Pelayo Fernández-Arche

Co-Founder · CEO

Law degree.

Jose María Perez Cuesta

Co-Founder · Management and operations

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management

Juan Carlos Albert Gómez

Expert in corporate commercial law

Legal advisor with a degree in law.

Jose María Nacenta Senz

Product development coordinator

Industrial Engineer

Mario Maza Frechín

professor at the university of zaragoza

Doctor in Industrial Engineering. Responsible for product testing and evaluation.

Jesús Cuartero Salafranca

professor at the university of zaragoza

Doctor in Industrial Engineering. Responsible for design and simulation.

Proteckthor Values

Our essence for your well-being.


Goal that exceeds the performance standard through the extraordinarily good.


Commitment to growth, progress and assumption of new challenges on the path of adaptation to the future and plausible scientific advances.


Responsibility and attitude of continuous improvement through the introduction of new developments on the way to the goals to be achieved; including future anticipation of these goals.


Maximum exploitation of a resource to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction, social and environmental protection and the enrichment of the company.


Clear, exponential and lasting economic improvement over time for the company derived from its activity.

Loves sports

Commitment to respect, fair play, empowerment and affection, with individual and social impact on the individual's attitude and behavior towards sport.

Social impact

Effect on people and communities derived from this project. Its great contribution to the health and recreational customs of society.