Why buy Proteckthor for the entire squad?

Clubs are also responsible for looking after their players.

The advantages of buying Proteckthor for the entire staff essentially focus on economic aspects. As simple as this: the more helmets purchased, the cheaper the unit is. Simple, right?

Our protective helmet is aimed at personal use. Helmets are designed as a piece of clothing for individual use, such as football boots, goalkeeper gloves, shin guards or any other sports material outside of the club's kit. However, despite this, At Proteckthor we consider sports clubs and entities as key elements when distributing and encouraging the use of elements that increase the security of its most precious value: the people who make it up.

Within our business strategy, we have thought it appropriate to encourage the use of our helmet through purchases for entire teams and clubs because, If it's good for one player, it's good for everyone. Partiendo de esta premisa, We have designed special prices for the purchase of lots. Thus, not only does the club benefit from having its players more protected. It is also the athletes themselves who take advantage of interesting discounts when making purchases through the club.

Aware of the multiple sponsorship possibilities that exist in sports, we see our product as a good gateway for entities that want to sponsor a club through the purchase of our material. In this way, the sponsoring entity would be linked to attributes as positive as all those encompassed by the care of athletes. Spending on Proteckthor is investing in health. Without a doubt, a great sponsorship argument for any company.

In fact, at Proteckthor we contemplate at the company level the sports sponsorship of clubs and schools that are interested in purchasing our product. Whether it is financing part of the sports equipment, with the sponsorship of t-shirts (for example) or attending to specific needs.

Safety for your health, excellence, innovation and love for sport. That's Proteckthor. 

13 de September de 2022

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